Two-way texting for your
existing business phone number

Enter your landline or toll free number to
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It’s personal, it’s powerful, it’s Textel.

Over 95 million adults indicate that they would contact organizations that they do business with more frequently if texting were an option.
Textel’s solution is an easy way for you to communicate with your customers the way they prefer.

A mobile user sends a text
to your landline number.

It appears on your
computer or device.

You reply to your customer
from that device.

Why Text?


Your customers are probably already trying to text your business phone number.
Textel allows you to receive your customers’ texts so that you can reply to them, all through your existing business phone number.

text messages sent
daily from mobile devices to
landline numbers
of consumers prefer to be
texted rather than called
by a business
of consumer text messages
are read, while only 10%
of emails are opened