We often forget that we are all consumers and that time is the most valuable assets in our lives. We loath waiting on hold, we rarely respond to voicemails, but when we text, our expectations are very different and we tend to have more patience. Texting is the most-used smartphone feature, in front of emails, internet access, and voice calls. Most of us read texts within minutes of receiving them. We text our kids, our friends and now, our businesses. It is no surprise that texting proves to be a prime tool for business communications.

Since clients are using the Internet and their mobile devices more than ever to purchase items, book their travel, rate experiences and communicate via text, your salon or spa should be included in their mobile behaviors. Catering to your mobile-minded clients will add convenience to your clients’ daily life as well as strengthen client relationships and satisfaction. Learn more about salon & spa business texting.

So how can salon business texting increase customer satisfaction rates?

Everyone texts. It is the surefire way of getting in touch with someone quickly. Your clients (especially your next generation customer) want to text you on your landline phone number.

Texting is reliable. Texting is a preferred method of contact for clients. While some appreciate the personal touch of a phone call, others may prefer to keep things fast and easy. Texting takes far less effort than the sometimes-lengthy process of an entire email or the dead end of leaving a voicemail.

For the Love of Texting – 10 Proven Use Cases for the Beauty Industry

  1. Stay In Contact with Scheduled Clients
    Your clients who run late do not have the time to call your salon. Even if they do, they will not want to wait on hold because it is inconvenient. Most people would rather sit in traffic than wait on hold for an hour, however they will text your business if you let them and easily reschedule.
  2. Schedule Appointments
    Your clients want to text your salon to schedule an appointment and they want you to text them back. Imagine doing so right from your computer without ever leaving Millennium or Meevo or any other application.  Talk about a time saver – less call volume, easily manage multiple clients at once!
  3. Send Alert Notifications
    Do you close your salon frequently during the winter due to snow and need a fast way of notifying your clients? Or say, the power is out at your salon in the middle of the afternoon and the phone system is down. You can still communicate with your clients during power outages through text from an app on your mobile phone. On top of it, your guest service team loves it because they can be in or out of the salon and answer a text from a client.
  4. Add a Human Touch to Your Brand
    The customer receives your text from your salon number, not an employee’s personal number, or a 5-digit automated number. You can track each conversation your team is having with a client and they can now directly text the number they already know and have saved on their phone. {{cta(’35c20955-e394-4db9-a5c0-99d8819d585f’)}}
  5. Market with Specific Keywords
    You have a great new product launch, gift with purchase, seasonal loyalty bonus point offer or seasonal gift card promotion. Create a social media post informing your guests of the keyword promotions! Your client texts the keyword “gift” to your salon phone number and invites the client to show the text message at checkout on their next visit to receive a FREE gift with purchase.
  6. Virtual Concierge
    Does your salon offer seasonal gift card promotions? Remind clients to text the keyword  “giftcard” to your salon phone number anytime and your virtual concierge will auto reply back with a text message containing the gift card promotion details and call to action.  Your keyword virtual concierge is always working for you in the background, 24/7.
  7. Call-to-Action Marketing
    Your salon offers a loyalty program and there is a “bonus points” offer every month. Your loyalty program customers always want to be in the know.  They can now text the word “loyal” to your salon phone number to find out the service of the month offer.
  8. Communicate Internally with Staff
    Your team meeting is scheduled once per quarter. Your team can text the word “meeting” to your salon phone number to receive the auto-reply text containing the details of the meeting at any given time 24/7, 365 days of the year.
  9. Staff & Front Desk Communication
    A spa guest would like to schedule more time with your esthetician for an add-on masque. The esthetician checks MillenniumGO and sees that she has a 30-minute availability. She sends a text message to the front desk so they can schedule the extra 30 minutes.  Your team can now communicate with the front desk without ever leaving their treatment room.
  10. Increase Front Desk Productivity
    Your call center is very busy. Why not increase productivity at the front desk by allowing your employees to manage all incoming text messages in between guests at checkout?  It is as easy as simply clicking on a reply button right from their computer without leaving your POS or CRM.