“Why text?” We get asked this question all the time and let’s face it – if you need to get in touch with someone quickly, then how do you do it? Text messaging. Texting is the staple of communication in today’s day and age.  So, why not up step up your game and get texting for your business?

We know we are bias, so we understand that you can’t just take our word for it. Check out the following business texting statistics that showcase why Textel’s business texting solution is a must have for your business.

10 Business Texting Statistics

1. 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent. (SinglePoint)

2. People prefer texting when scheduling or changing appointments, and making or confirming reservations (Harris).

3. Texting is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50. (Gallup)

4. Texting is the #1 preferred customer support channel in the U.S. (Twilio)

5. More than 50% customers would rather text a customer support agent instead of using other available options. (eWeek)

6. 90% of leads prefer to be texted, compared to called. (FranchiseHelp)

7. 75% of people like offers sent via text, but not too much (2/month is ideal). (Digital Marketing Magazine)

8. Nearly 70% of employees think text should be used for interoffice communication. (Vitiello Communications Group)

9. Texting with a qualified lead during the sales process can increase conversions over 100%. (Velocify)

10. Calls cost customer service centers several dollars per conversation. Texts cost pennies per conversation. (Forrester & ContactBabel)