“Just send me a text”

At Textel

We believe that talking to a business should be easy. Did you know that the average American spends 43 days of their life waiting on hold? That’s not ok with us. It is our mission to bring some fun back to talking with a business. And in the process, drive better commerce through easier conversations.
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From inside the text box…

“I love walking in to work every day because Textel is full of energetic people who want to help businesses better communicate with customers. The team is awesome, and the product is the best!”
“It’s a privilege to manage a team of sales people who are committed to truly helping businesses. We celebrate wins, but there is no bigger party than when a customer tells us how Textel has helped their business.”
Mike, CMO
“I absolutely love working for Textel!  I truly enjoy hearing from clients how much our product has helped their business.  Helping people is my passion and I get to do that every day!”
“The truth is… I hate phone calls. I much prefer being able to text. I was a devoted Textel customer before having the opportunity to join this amazing company! Long live Textel!”
“Working at Textel is great!  Every day I get to see how our product is helping businesses all over the country better communicate with customers, and I love to be a part of the process.”
Nathan, Account Executive
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