March 23, 2021

How to Boost Customer Satisfaction by Leveraging a Business SMS Platform

Keeping customers happy is a priority for businesses, and customer satisfaction is one of the most measured key performance indicators (KPIs). Connecting with customers using business texting is an easy and affordable way to enhance customer satisfaction. In this post, we’ll explore how to use a business SMS platform to boost customer satisfaction.

What Is Customer Satisfaction and Why it Is Important?

Customer satisfaction is the measurement of how happy a business’ customers are with its products and services, and it can be a powerful indicator of where the company is headed.

With technology driving advancements in the customer experience, customers have been increasing their expectations. In a 2017 Microsoft report, customers stated they have higher expectations compared to the previous year.

Customers Expect More Than Before Which Impacts Customer Satisfaction

According to a Deloitte report, the focus on customer satisfaction took an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many businesses felt the impact on their bottom line. Maintaining customer loyalty and trust was paramount for survival, so many companies began to focus more on Customer Experience (CX).

Brands measure success with their customers by tracking the Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT). According to the CMSWire State of Digital Customer Experience 2021 survey, CSAT was one of the top measurements for organizations to track how customer experience performs.

How can businesses keep up with customer expectations? Companies look for strategies and tips to keep their customers happy while keeping their budgets under control. Business SMS can do that.

The Importance of SMS for Business

SMS is the most used communication channel, with 4.2 billion people using SMS globally. Moreover, text messaging is the most popular data service in the world. Here are some reasons SMS is so effective for business:

  • SMS messages are answered 45% of the time, while emails get answered 6% of the time.
  • About 98% of texts are opened immediately, unlike emails, which are opened 20% of the time.
  • 7 in 10 millennials prefer to text than to communicate via phone calls.
  • Across all demographics, customers spend more time messaging than talking on the phone.

The prevalence of text messaging means companies can leverage a business texting platform to engage and retain customers. There are several ways you can use a business messaging platform:

Customer service and support

Customer service is at the heart of many companies’ success. Providing an excellent customer service experience makes your customers want to come back. Consumers expect customer support to be fast, effective, and simple. Texting offers a way to give quick responses and start a two-way conversation that can be escalated to the telephone for more effective resolution if necessary.

Customer relationship management

A Harvard Business School study found that for a 5% increase in customer retention, you can increase profits by at least 25%. That means that keeping your customers engaged can have a direct impact on your profits. SMS brings a direct and personal way to connect and engage your audience. You can send promotions and discounts and let them know about new products or upcoming events.

Context-based marketing

A business texting platform helps segment your target audience. You can send messages according to context. For example, Uber sends a message to airline passengers as soon as they land, inviting them to call a car to pick them up from the airport.

4 Ways to Use Messaging to Boost Customer Satisfaction

Texting can improve the way your customers contact your company, but there are even more strategies to keep people engaged. Here are some examples:

1. Gamification

Consumers are often more open to content that doesn’t push a sale on them. That’s why you have short surveys, polls, or games in messages these days. Gamification means incorporating gaming elements into a non-gaming context to make the experience more enjoyable for the customer. You can engage customers with a loyalty reward program that is also a game. Let them accumulate points and cash them in for products or discounts for future purchases.

2. Exclusive content—pre-launch

When you have a new release or launch, why not build anticipation in the group with the highest chance of conversion: your existing customers? You can send SMS messages offering your customer base the option of ordering before the launch. Sending a text gives you the chance to target this high-intent group directly. This can create loyalty and enhance conversions.

3. Open the line to customers

When you let your customers talk to you via text, you allow them to choose how they want to solve a problem. Most customers prefer to carry a conversation with support via text than over the phone. Text is versatile and eliminates the time they would spend on hold.

4. Follow up

Marketers often use surveys and questionnaires that ask customers to rate the product or service they purchased. Use the responses to guide your CX strategy and grow your business.

Measure Customer Satisfaction with Surveys

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Analytics, insights, and administrative tools help provide a clearer view of issue resolution performance. Records of text interactions can help you understand how to address customer concerns better.

Tips for the Perfect Business SMS Strategy

A business SMS platform can help meet your customer expectations. However, there are some factors to take into account:

Don’t take too long to respond

One of the advantages of SMS messaging is that it provides quick answers. Hence, there is a limit on the time a customer expects to wait for a response. Generally speaking, keeping someone waiting for more than 20 minutes for a text response can be seen as rude. Automated responses can help keep up with replies after hours.

Integrate with your existing system

SMS business platforms integrate with CRM systems, giving your agents all the information from a customer’s history and past purchases. No more fumbling looking for the customer’s name. This shortens the response time and enhances customer satisfaction.

Be personal

Although automation can save you a lot of time and effort, messages should be personalized as much as possible. Advanced business texting platforms insert personal details (e.g., the customer’s name) so you can send personalized messages to groups. The integration with existing business systems helps the processes run smoothly.

Keep in Touch

High levels of customer satisfaction entail making customers feel seen and heard. Using scheduled messages allows you to follow up on customers. Business texting platforms are an excellent way to deliver follow-up messages to groups of customers automatically.

Texting Provides Convenience and Increases Customer Satisfaction

Texting is the simplest and most effective way to start a conversation with your customers. It is accessible to everybody and only requires a cellular phone. Therefore, it provides instant gratification and customer satisfaction.

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