December 3, 2020

How To Build A Healthy Opt-In Text List

You probably already have a decent customer database complete with customer names, email addresses, and even phone numbers. However, before you send a promotional text to your customers, current regulations require you to specifically obtain their permission to receive texts. If you’re racking your brain on how to quickly get their consent, look no further.

It’s All About Awareness

Getting customers to sign up for texts is all about awareness. Customers need to see something roughly seven times before they consider taking an action. Consider these options to get texting on your customers’ radar.

Create Opt-In Options for Texts

Before you start doing anything, you need to create ways for customers to opt-in. Most businesses look to form fills which they provide on their website, during customer check-in (e.g., reception desk), or when a customer checks out (e.g., point of sale).

Don’t forget one important way to opt-in – texting. Create a specific keyword – like “PROMO” or “TEXTCLUB” – your customers can text to your business phone number which opts them into receiving promotional texts.

Update Your Marketing

  • Updating some of your marketing to create awareness can be relatively easy. These include:
  • Update calls to action on marketing collateral.
  • Add an opt-in check box on your forms.
  • Include opt-ins in email signatures.

You could also consider focusing on opt-ins for a specific marketing campaign. While it may take more effort, payoffs can be huge especially since SMS texts average a 45% response rate compared to 6% for email. Campaign activities could include:

  • Create website banners encouraging opt-in.
  • Feature the benefits of receiving promotional texts in a blog.
  • Create a specific email nurture stream that focuses on the benefits of opting-in.
  • Post about it on social media.

Mention Texts In Every Interaction

  • Invite customers to opt-in any time they interact with your business. At first glance, that can appear overwhelming for customers, but you can do it tastefully. For instance:
  • Update greetings and hold messages on your auto attendants to promote it.
  • Highlight it in your customer newsletters.
  • Place it on receipts/invoices.
  • Include it in sales and support scripts.

Make It Irresistible

  • It’s not enough to simply invite customers to opt-in to promotional texts. If you want customers to sign up en masse, you need to make it worth their while. We address this deeper in previous a post, but here’s how to do it from a high level:
  • Create an exclusive text club.
  • Limit specific deals only to text recipients.
  • Give an immediate reward for sign-ups.
  • Use images to create engaging content.

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