Auto service providers are quickly learning that phone calls are interruptive, and texting is informative. Now SMS texting for auto service helps service departments shave off over 40 hours of work every month on average.

In an industry where success is measured by being trusted by the customer to find and effectively communicate additional issues that need attention once a customer has brought their car into the shop, a well-timed customer approval proves paramount to profit.

And phone calls and email just aren’t getting the job done.

Luckily, auto service providers can increase sales while improving customer satisfaction. Business texting for auto service from Textel easily text-enables your existing phone number and lets service teams text pictures and questions to customers for quicker customer approvals.

Consider the three reasons why customers (and you) typically dodge phone calls:

  • Busy when the call comes in and can’t answer immediately
  • Don’t recognize the number
  • Don’t have time for the small talk that precedes the issue

The trouble with phone calls is that while it’s always a good time for the caller, it’s rarely a good time for the receiver.

Case Study Example: Big O Tires

A recent survey with Textel client, Big O Tires, proved how much time could be saved, and profit won, by switching outreach from phone calls to text.

With an average car count of 1,064, Big O Tires determined 40% of customers weren’t present during repairs which forced their service department to contact them twice on average (for status updates and approvals).

When comparing a text vs. a call for contacting these 435 absent customers, here’s what they found:

  • The average customer responds to a voicemail in 37.5 minutes
  • The average customer responds to a text message in 14.35 minutes
  • Average time spent calling a customer: 3 minutes
  • Average time spent sending a text message: 1 minute

After reviewing each tire center’s Textel usage reports, we found these efficiencies:

  • Gaining approvals with Textel saves 26.82 hours a month on average
  • Giving repair updates with Textel saves 13.3 hours a month on average

Bottom Line: Textel saved Big O Tires 40.12 hours a month and achieved a “quicker response and easier selling” approach to service outreach.

Putting Customer Service in the Fast Lane

As you consider what faster, easier upsells would mean for your auto service, don’t forget what it would mean for your customer:

Texting during the repair process not only improves communication, it improves your CSI score. Customers want to see the issue that you’ve uncovered and SMS messaging lets you send pictures highlighting the issue. Plus, since every message is saved and time stamped across Textel’s business texting platform, your service team will always be able to refer to the account and automobile’s history for context.

Additionally, SMS texts from service providers can be scheduled in advance so customers don’t have to remember when it’s time for their next oil change. Service departments can also avoid costly no-shows by giving customers the opportunity to reschedule via text. It’s great for you and the customer when your service bay remains busy and efficient at all times.

Text message marketing even lets dealerships leverage keywords and bulk texts to generate new sales by promoting new offerings. SMS messaging lets your team reach far more potential customers than phone calls ever could.

Top 3 Benefits of Business Texting for Auto Service:

  1. Deliver real-time service updates
  2. Get instant approval for recommended repairs
  3. Increase CSI scores by simplifying your customer communication

Take Textel for a spin and see how easy it is to accelerate sales and improve the customer experience at your auto service provider. Request a demo today and see how the auto industry is saving time and money with Textel’s easy-to-use solution!