The impact of SMS on business is often understated. However, texting is one of the most effective methods for reaching customers. In fact, according to Gartner’s research, SMS messages have a 98% open rate, compared to 20% with email. Even more impressive is that 90% of them are read within three minutes.

Using SMS for business shows great potential. However, a common misconception is that SMS texting software is only used for marketing. In fact, SMS texting services impact your business beyond boosting sales; they also improve operations and the company’s bottom line.

More Marketers are Looking to SMS Texting

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How Is SMS Used in Business?

Typically, people associate business SMS with direct or mass communications between a business and its customers. Business text messaging is an approach in which a company sends out highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages to connect with and engage its customers. There are different types of business text messages:

  • Promotions: Tell customers about product releases and sales offers. Sending text messages is a quick way to catch your customers’ attention.
  • Support texts: A quick text conversation with a user can go a long way in customer service. Besides helping solve issues faster, the user gets a better experience.
  • Reviews, surveys, and polls: A text message is a direct line to the customer. You can use them to request feedback and reviews or prompt the customer to answer a quick poll or survey.
  • Sales support: Check item availability, complete sales, and send online receipts.

Why Use SMS Texting Services for Your Business?

SMS for business provides quick, cost-effective, and easy-to-analyze communication with your customers. It saves time contacting center operators, customer support, and sales staff by providing short and conversational communication that makes the customer feel they’re getting the attention they need. A study published by Harvard Business Review showed that the average American spends an average of thirteen hours a year on hold trying to solve problems. With that in mind, text messaging can result in more engaged and satisfied customers.

Text messaging values the customers’ time and leaves it up to them when to respond to communication with the company. Customers prefer the freedom of a text instead of answering a sales or support call. How many times have you heard a customer say, “Just send me a text, please”? Many companies are realizing that SMS texting services can improve communication with customers. As a result, A2P (application to person) SMS messages increased 30% from 2013, reaching 1,243 billion in 2020.

A2P SMS Volume Is Increasing

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To be more effective, many businesses use an SMS texting service or SMS-as-a-service platform. SMS text messaging can help to:

  • Boost sales
  • Create brand awareness
  • Improve customer retention
  • Enhance customer service
  • Create engagement

 However, the effectiveness of text messaging is not limited to mass texting promotions and sales offers. An SMS texting service platform can improve your business processes overall, ultimately increasing ROI.

How Can SMS Texting Services Improve Business Processes?

A text messaging platform allows for more efficient and effective text messaging. Instead of your staff writing and sending texts all day, a platform can automate many essential steps of business text messaging:

  • Creating and maintaining the list of recipients
  • Scheduling messages
  • Interacting with your customers using canned responses

Key Features of Text Messaging That Empower Business Processes

With text messaging, businesses can analyze their interaction with customers and improve their communications beyond sales. Some capabilities of text messaging that improve business processes include:

Mass texting

Although it has a bad rap, mass texting doesn’t mean sending unwanted messages. Texts improve marketing communications and start conversations with customers. You can create texts that:

  • Create brand awareness: Let customers know more about your business. Examples could be including messages about a new e-commerce website, a re-opening, or a new product release.
  • Increase interest: Most sales messages go in this category—offers, promotions, season sales. However, you can also craft messages to provide tips and advice, reaching out to targeted customers (e.g., follow-up care instructions after medical treatment, menu recommendations, healthy eating advice, and more).
  • Request feedback: Surveys and polls allow you to gather valuable information to refine your business strategy.

Automated responses

Communicating directly (one-on-one) with customers is a way to build a relationship and gain trust. One-on-one business texting ensures a company can maintain a human connection while keeping costs under control.

SMS texting services use textbots to conduct conversations with the user and solve basic queries. The bot can redirect the question to a live agent when needed. Automated responses can also be used for a number of use cases:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Product recommendations
  • Customer support

Integration with existing SaaS

Integrating SMS texting into your current CRM system can improve the efficiency of your communications. First, automating workflows eliminates manual and repetitive tasks (e.g., CRM updates, reminders, and notifications). Second, it unifies communication and client data under a central interface, making operations more efficient. Finally, it shortens customer support response time.

Improve Key Business Processes with Textel

Implementing SMS texting services for your business not only improves your marketing activities but your operational efficiency, especially when integrated with existing SaaS solutions. Textel provides companies a full-featured suite with integration capabilities.

Improve your key business processes with Textel’s innovative texting tools, which allow you to connect with customers where they are, whether they use mobile or a landline, and use textbots to qualify leads. You can also send more than text copy with MMS and include product photos, links, and supporting documents in text messages.

Our complete solutions enhance the user’s experience and improve key business processes, impacting your bottom line. If you would like to learn more about improving efficiency, saving time, and reducing costs while increasing customer satisfaction, contact us.