April 13, 2021

How Do You Improve Your Contact Center Issue Resolution? Use Business Texting

Most contact centers focus on the “call center” aspect, handling customer issues via the phone. As a result, they must contend with low first-contact resolution rates. Integrating business texting solutions into your contact center can improve issue resolution and customer satisfaction. Here’s how.

Customer Experience Challenges for Contact Centers

Providing a great customer experience is one of the most difficult challenges of a contact center. Modern contact centers offer several touchpoints to connect with your brand, and every channel provides an opportunity to offer an excellent experience for your customers.

A critical part of providing a great customer experience is solving issues with the fewest steps possible. That’s where business texting can help.

What Is FCR?

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is an essential part of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Contact centers use this metric to represent the number of cases solved by agents during the first interaction with clients.

 “FCR is a measure of how effectively your contact center conducts its business and is a function of many factors, including the complexity and types of transactions handled, the experience of your agents, the quality of agent training, and tools such as knowledge management and remote control. The metric is most often measured monthly because a monthly timeframe is long enough to provide statistical significance. But it can also be measured annually, weekly, daily, or even hourly.” International Customer Management Institute (ICMI)

 FCR helps measure customer satisfaction and agent efficiency. The more issues your agents solve in the first contact, the happier your customers will be. A reasonable FCR rate ranges from 80% to 90%. However, a study has shown that 39% of contact centers don’t measure FCR.

Measure First Call Resolution

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Benefits of Improving Issue Resolution

The main benefit of applying strategies to improve issue resolution is that you can quickly identify aspects that lower the FCR and solve them before they cause more damage. This increases customer satisfaction and has a positive impact on your bottom line.

FCR directly impacts customer satisfaction, according to research by SQM Group. A benchmarking study from MetricNet illustrates that correlation.

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Things to Consider When Improving Issue Resolution

The main challenge when improving your FCR is how to do it easily and affordably. Improving your agents’ training helps, but to see results, you need technology. Contact center software streamlines the collection and analysis of response data. This can help you prepare a strategy for improvement.

One technology that stands out as highly effective to improve FCR is business texting.

8 Ways Texting Helps You Improve Issue Resolution

Texting provides an opportunity to solve simple issues during the first interaction without tying up an agent. According to recent research, customers prefer communicating with businesses through text rather than on the phone. Here are eight ways texting boosts issue resolution:

1. Improves issue prioritization

Business texting software integrates automated responses and chatbots. These can triage the most common issues that don’t require a live agent. These systems can also escalate more complex cases to live agents. In this way, a business texting solution can improve productivity.

2. Increases the number of issues resolved

Many contact centers still focus on handling issues via the phone. However, not every issue requires a voice call. Appointment booking, reminders, and other simple procedures can be done via text very easily. By integrating business texting with your CRM, the software can handle low-level issues like sending appointment reminders and automated responses, saving the agents’ time.

3. Boosts collaboration and streamlines operations

A business texting solution improves collaboration with a centralized dashboard. Agents’ work becomes more efficient through streamlined workflows and audit trails. Business texting software also provides switchboards that help agents manage multiple customers at the same time.

4. Improves frequent caller satisfaction

Texting software solutions save customer data, so agents have the case history at their fingertips when starting a call. This makes frequent callers feel recognized, increasing loyalty. It also provides faster service, improving the rate of issue resolution.

5. Deploys post-call text surveys

Post-call surveys can help identify the most common issues customers present. Take the opportunity to try to understand your customers and gauge your agents’ performance.

Use quality surveys to find out about first call resolution. Ask your customers for feedback about their experience.

6. Gamifies messaging to improve customer experience

Gamification in texts makes messaging more interesting for your customers. For instance, you can give them alternatives when returning an item. Companies like Nike and Starbucks have launched gamification for customer service. Gamification lets you treat your customers with a direct and personal approach, and it motivates them to solve their issues via text for a positive experience.

7. Supports self-service

According to Gartner, 80% of customer service organizations will prefer messaging over mobile apps by 2025. Textel’s messaging solutions enable automated texting, which can help your customers get quick answers to their issues without resorting to a live agent. For instance, you can send a product tutorial or ask customers to follow common troubleshooting steps.

8. Speeds up issue resolution

Multimedia messaging allows you to send images, documents, and videos via text to aid in quick issue resolution. Your customers can send documentation, forms, take a picture of an item they want to replace or send a video.

MMS enables companies to enhance the customer experience. The audio and visual capabilities improve a simple text, resulting in higher engagement and response from customers. MMS gives customers what they want—convenience—by giving them access to images and audio to complement the text.

Improve Your Rate of Resolution with Textel

A business texting platform allows your customers to contact you easily and conveniently. Text automation helps your users solve their issues, address their concerns, and answer their questions quickly.

Textel is an all-in-one solution to optimize and streamline text messaging for your business. It allows your customers to contact you by texting directly to your landline or toll-free number, complementing your company chat.

How can you ensure your customers get a great customer experience from the start? Textel solutions can help. We provide text automation, CRM integration, and optimized workflows to improve your FCR.

To learn more about how Textel helps improve your first contact resolution, contact us.

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