Programmable SMS via Textel’s API

Powerful API Solutions

Use Textel’s API to power A2P texting solutions and connect directly with commercial-grade conversational texting on existing landline, VOIP and toll-free numbers.

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Simple to integrate. Easy to activate.

Same Day Activation

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Activate texting same-day, with no campaign review or carrier approval required.

Transparent Pricing

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No activation or set up fees. Simple flat rate and price per message.

No Porting or New Numbers

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Turn current voice line into text line and instantly give customers the choice to text or call.

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Did you know that your existing toll-free number is better than a short code for texting?

While short codes are expensive and take a long time to activate, your existing toll-free number can be activated in minutes with costs much lower than short codes. And the icing on the cake, you don’t have to market a new number.

Features and Capabilities

Tap into a range of features for SMS and MMS.

Developers First

Textel’s flexible and straightforward API provides a clean toolkit for your team to implement our messaging features and functionality within your environment. Our API was built to increase speed-to-market custom integrations, so you can roll out texting solutions fast. We constantly iterate on every facet of the Textel platform so you always have access to the latest in messaging technology. We encourage you to use the full benefit of our API to maximize your text product offering to consumers, and reach out to our team for help when you need it.

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Get Started with Textel’s API today.