Is your business or call center covering all four pillars of customer communication?

  1. Phone
  2. Email
  3. Live Chat
  4. Text

Sure, phone and email have led customer contact strategies at call centers for decades, but nowadays organizations must be available via live chat and text message as well to ensure they provide an omni-channel experience to their  target audience. Messaging can close the generational divide in your buyer personas by appealing to their preferred method of communication at the moment of interest.

Call Centers that have typically leaned on their phones as a preferred mode of contact are learning that it’s outdated thinking. And as email providers continue to spin spam webs that are capturing more and more of your business emails, messaging has shown itself to be a must-have communication solution for capturing and engaging a contact.

Not all messaging is created equal:

While messaging is critical to a modern call center, it is important to understand that not all messaging is created equal. There are subtle but significant differences between live chat and texting which a call center should consider as they pursue omni-channel.

Perhaps the most important consumer habit to consider is impatience. A full 81 percent of consumers find it frustrating to be tied to a phone or computer screen while waiting for customer service help. This is interesting considering that live chat requires being tied to one screen. When you’re online at your desktop that’s ok, but often this is not the case.

How is texting different? Think about it, when you’re at a computer live chat is easy. But on your smartphone, chat is a little clumsy. You’re required to stay on your mobile browser until the chat session is over and most of us don’t operate our phones that way. We bounce around between apps or send a message and set our phone down as we multi-task constantly.

Texting provides an easier mobile experience than live chat. You can send a text, navigate to other apps or set your phone down and when a text comes back in you’re notified with a sound/vibrate and banner so you don’t miss it.

With consumer data now showing us that over half of your customers visit your website from their mobile device, providing mobile friendly messaging is more important than ever.

Comparing Live Online Chat vs. Texting (SMS):While both live chat and texting provide excellent alternatives to email and phone calls, there are important differences to consider. Keep in mind that live chat was designed to solve problems in an online environment not necessarily a mobile environment. Let’s look at how live chat compares to business texting.

As you can see, there is value in both texting and live chat as they relate to customer communication. A true omni-channel solution should have both. However, using live chat alone to scratch the itch of messaging can ignore consumer impatience and miss out on the benefits of text messaging. The value of texting is that it checks the same boxes as live chat but with the additional benefit that it can be leveraged on-the-go without being tied to one screen..

With a business texting platform from Textel, no customer messages will get lost in the shuffle at a call center either. Texts are seamlessly managed in a call center-friendly “inbox” that provides a desktop version to track, assign and respond to incoming messages. Plus, Textel provides proactive outreach features so a business can reach out to customers and  even schedule important text events

Is your call center communication firing on all four cylinders? Textel’s carrier-grade cloud texting can add the perfect call center texting service to your strategy.