For a while now, it’s been clear that texting isn’t just a fun way for your kids to talk to their friends. In fact, SMS is the most popular smartphone app across all age groups. We text all the time.

In a world where communication remains a crucial part of any business’ strategy, Textel presents a unique solution to use your existing business phone number to text with your customers. Texting can be an effective way to build business, improve consumer-to-business relationships, and enhance your brand.

Ready to get inspired? Check out the companies that are thriving using Textel right now, and what about their texts sets them apart.

6 Companies doing Business Texting Right

1) Suntrup Automotive

Suntrup Automotive Group has been servicing and selling cars in the St Louis area since 1957. Suntrup was honored with the Women’s Choice Award for being one of America’s Best Car Dealerships for customer service and continues to strive for excellence in every aspect of their business.

They do an amazing job using Textel to streamline communication at their dealership. When a car gets serviced and is ready for pick up, the service advisor can quickly send a  text out from their computer to the customer notifying them that their car is ready or asking for approvals. Since they have been using Textel, the Customer Service Index (CSI) at Suntrup’s service departments has increased by 40 points on average! Click here to learn more about dealership texting.

2) Jesica Lee Insurance Agency

Jesica Lee Insurance Agency has been in the insurance industry for over 19 years serving the Palisades Park area. The agency wants to help customers better understand their coverage options and have been awarded Topper Club and Championship by Farmers Insurance. Her agency is focused on educating and identifiying coverage that best fits her customers needs.

The agency has mastered providing excellent customer service by leveraging Textel to communicate with clients that are not native English speakers. Texting provides clarity to the conversation in turn making her customers’ lives easier and more convenient by removing the communication barrier. Click here to learn more about insurance texting.

Jesica Lee insurance Ageny_Text_Example.png

3) Ginger Bay Salon & Spa

Ginger Bay is dedicated to providing  the best salon and spa experiences for men and women. In fact, they are so good at it that they have been named a Top 200 Salon & Spa in the nation from Salon Today Magazine for 17 years.

With no change to your existing phone service, Textel is a perfect tool to implement to stay in contact with scheduled clients, send alert notifications, and their favorite, call-to-action marketing. Ginger Bay drives enegament really well by using Textel to offer promotions. They release a keyword for their guests to text their salon phone number by a certain time to receive seasonal gift card promotions, bonus points related to a loyalty program, or discounts on products. During one promotion, they received over 300 texts within 45 minutes! Click here to learn more about salon & spa texting.Ginger Bay Salon & Spa_Text_Example.png

4) Foxy Paws Grooming

Foxy Paws Grooming offers fantastic services at reasonable prices to accomodate pets from all walks of life. Pet grooming is more than just cosmetic for them, they believe it is an important part of an animal’s well-being.

Foxy Paws Grooming is phenomenal at providing short, quick loving texts to their customers when reuniting them with their furry ones.  Through Textel, they are able to quickly exchange communication about when a pet is ready to get picked up which in turn has helped free up phone lines and decrease hold times. Click here to learn more about groomers business texting.


5) The Centre for Vibrant Health & Wellness

The Centre for Vibrant Health & Wellness offers a one-of-a-kind integrative medicine and holistine medicine to their customers. Their goal is to see everyone living healthy through holistic means.

Not only do they use texting to communicate with their patients, but through Textel, they are also able to text internally. This brilliant innovation of Textel allows them to easily get ahold of each other, gather Starbuck orders, and keep track of commitments made by team members on a business platform. Click here to learn more about medical business texting.

Centre for Vibrant Heatlh and Wellness_Text_Example.png

6) Traffic Law Center

The Traffic Law Center has been serving the Midwest area since 1992 and have handled over 500,000 cases. They are dedicated to streamlining the process of dealing with traffic tickets. You bring  them your ticket and they go to court for you.

They are amazing at capturing new leads using Textel. They promote their text-enabled line throughout their website, on billboards, and social media reminding their prospects that they can quickly send them a text to get a quote! Since using Textel, they have increased their leads. Click here to learn more about legal practices business texting.