It’s that moment. The moment you decide that, despite the IVR telling you that your call matters to them, you’ve officially waited on hold long enough and you have more important things to do with your life. So, you hang up.

We’ve all found ourselves immersed in the ire of waiting on hold too long which is the primary reason callers abandon a call. If it were a college course, it would be: How to Upset Your Customers 101.

As more and more call centers watch this Abandonment Rate spike, they search for ways to increase call center agent efficiency while solving for this sharp pain point in the customer experience.

Sure, Call Abandonment is not always under the direct control of a contact center who often deals with especially short-tempered customers or uncharacteristically large spikes in traffic due to the holidays or a new marketing promotion, but the answer lies in thinking beyond phone calls altogether.

Two-Way Texting ErasesCall Center Abandonment

Textel offers a proven two-way SMS call center solution that can erase call abandonment while simultaneously delighting customers.

With the global average call abandonment rate sitting around 5-8% with 2% considered to be excellent according to TalkDesk, Textel’s customer Vera Bradley switched to a two-way texting model to give their customers the option to text back and forth with agents using their existing business line. The result? Vera Bradley experienced a 0% abandonment rate while communicating over text.

And profitability is on the rise for call centers who text-enable their business phone line. Phone support becomes cheaper while customer retention rises. Agents optimize their time while reaching more customers who are relieved to be communicating at their leisure.

Consider this: Statistics prove that contact center customers and leads respond to a text faster than anything else with a 40% response rate for text, a 5% response rate for phone calls and a 3% response rate for emails. Overall, businesses are discovering the power of business texting solutions because it succinctly solves for the current state of customer communication.

Abandoning a Call-First Approach Can Change the Game

Give your customers the freedom to decide how quickly and easily their interactions with your business will be. If you think customers don’t want to text you then text-enable your contact center phone numbers and watch their texts come in. They’re already trying to reach out, you just can’t hear them.

In 2019 more texts will be sent to call centers than ever before. So why notstop putting band aids on rising contact center abandonment rates and join the ranks of brands who are reversing the trend with atwo-way SMS call center solution.

Organizations who embrace the right channels first can expect a clear advantage over their competitors who will be working twice as hard to catch up after the fact.

A Two-Way SMS Texting Solution That Easily Integrates into Your Call Center Platform

Textel makes adding business texting to your existing call center phone line easy with a powerful solution that is carrier agnostic and can enable short codes or long codes while reaching domestic or international contacts. It’s built to bolt onto your existing platform and make your call center agent’s lives easy by looking just like the user interface they’re already comfortable with.

Text-enable your call center today and see how many of your customers are already sending text messages your way in hopes of a better customer experience.