Unlimited texting for your salon and spa with Textel + SalonBiz

Textel for SalonBiz provides full two-way conversational texting with your guests and even automatically reminds and confirms your appointments.

Textel integrates with SalonBiz Appointment Book to automatically send out texts for appointment reminders and confirmations. In addition, Textel’s feature-rich texting platform enables two-way conversational SMS with your guests: 

“When a guest texts a style or inspiration photo to us, we can book them with the appropriate stylist for the appropriate time”


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Let Textel Transform Your Customer Experience

Better Front
Desk Efficiency

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“Textel drives engagement that is beneficial for our viewers and our brand partners. We are excited to be working with a such a great company, and a great product.”


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Automatically send appointment reminders and confirmation texts from the SalonBiz Appointment Book.

Perform virtual consultations using MMS texting to send images.

Automatically send out surveys from SalonBiz after the appointment for feedback.

Use text for curbside check-ins.

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No Shows

Textel makes it easy to handle rescheduling. Customers simply text instead of having to pick up the phone to call. Reschedule texting can reduce no-shows by up to 75%.



Texting is not just for millennials. Every age group would now rather text than call a business. Let your guests contact you the way they want and keep them coming back!



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Safer Work Environments

Textel keeps essential staff safe by enabling virtual check-ins for customers. MMS texting allows clients and staff to send and receive images and video for virtual consults.


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$89 per Line/Month

Customers can simply reply to a reminder text to reschedule their appointment.

Syncs contacts with SalonBiz so your front desk can quickly see who is texting.

Programmable auto-replies during open and closed hours along with keywords for marketing engagement.

$89 per Line/Month