15 04, 2021

Business Texting Accelerates Approvals for Service Teams

April 15th, 2021|

Auto service providers are quickly learning that phone calls are interruptive, and texting is informative. Now SMS texting for auto service helps service departments shave off over 40 hours of work every month. The Speed and Profitability of Trust The Auto Service industry measures success by the level of customer trust. In inspecting a car [...]

26 03, 2021

How to Keep Your Customer from Abandoning Calls

March 26th, 2021|

It’s that moment. The moment you decide that, despite the intermittent hold message reassuring you that your call is important, you’ve officially waited long enough. You have more important things to do with your life. So, you hang up. Meanwhile, the call center sees an increase in their abandonment rate. We’ve all found ourselves stuck [...]

24 03, 2021

How to Add Business Texting to Existing Live Chat for Call Centers

March 24th, 2021|

At Textel, we’ve compared Live Chat vs. Texting to show the importance of including texting in your omnichannel call center strategy. By covering all communication channels, call centers empower their customers to engage the way they prefer. When determining the value of live chat vs. SMS, the answer depends on your call center customers’ preferences [...]

15 03, 2021

10 Reasons Clients will Love Texting with Your Salon or Spa

March 15th, 2021|

We often forget that we are all consumers and that time is the most valuable asset in our lives. We loath waiting on hold. We rarely respond to voicemails, but our expectations are very different when we text, and we tend to have more patience. Texting is the most-used smartphone feature, in front of emails, [...]

20 10, 2020

6 Ways COVID-19 Made Texting Essential for Contact Centers

October 20th, 2020|

Contact centers are all learning one thing – when it comes to pandemics, flexibility is the name of the game. Remote work coupled with daily regulatory changes across state, county, and city boundaries are forcing IT decision makers to re-evaluate the systems they depend on to keep employees connected to each other and their customers. Texting [...]

27 12, 2018

Maximizing Your Call Center Agent’s Time in 2019

December 27th, 2018|

How much could your call center improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction and squeeze out more efficiencies by cutting back on your call center agents’ lost or unproductive time? If you saved just one hour a day – how would that impact your bottom line? Every day, call centers sacrifice valuable time to inefficient systems and [...]

12 12, 2018

Why SMS Short Code Doesn’t Fit the Enterprise Customer

December 12th, 2018|

When Redbox texts you a five-digit code for a free movie rental, there’s a pretty clear understanding of what happens next. You either rent a film before the code expires or you carry on living your life until the next code appears. But large businesses, especially their call centers, are learning that one-way alerts are [...]

4 12, 2018

5 Benefits of Business Texting for Call Centers Around the Holiday Season

December 4th, 2018|

Tis the season to drive holiday sales through high-performing communication channels. Trust us - it’s not just the egg nog making everyone merry. Call center texting is beginning to snowball as enterprise businesses focus on reaching their customers via text across their existing business lines. After RetailMeNot reported that shoppers are ready to spend at [...]

21 11, 2018

The Business Texting Integration Contact Centers Are Thankful for This Year

November 21st, 2018|

During this season of reflection and being thankful, customers are raising a glass to finally being able to text a contact center to get the answers they need. Talk about #blessed… In 2018, more and more call centers are integrating two-way texting capabilities with their call center platforms to create the Omni-channel communication solution [...]

16 11, 2018

Vera Bradley Improves Contact Center Efficiency and Customer Experience with Business Texting

November 16th, 2018|

Vera Bradley is touting impressive business results after adding Textel’s integration with NICE inContact’s CXone Business Line Texting Solution. See full press release and additional information here. The exclusive women’s designer brand sells innovative handbags, fragrances, luggage and accessories across multiple distribution points in the U.S.A. In this B2C channel, eliminating any form of [...]